This past weekend my mom and I did our first back to back. The first walk was 20 miles from Fort Mason in San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge (my first time to make it all the way across) through Sausalito to Tiburon. We stopped at Guaymas for chips and salsa and a much needed beverage then we ferried back to SF.

Sunday we started a bit later and began from my house planning to walk to Woodside road and back. However I had a small blister (which I moleskined) that began to bother me. By the time we stopped at about 8 miles and I took off my shoes to assess the blister had grown 10 times larger. We debated, to pop or not to pop, I couldn't end up doing it so after rebandaging and hobbling a few yards in agony we decided to call a friend for a ride home.

I felt defeated. My mind and body were up for the challenge (I had no other sore muscles from Sat's walk) but my feet wouldn't have it. We went to Runner's High after that to discuss shoes and to get a new walking outfit. I got new insoles for my shoes which seem to do the trick. I also plan to get another pair of shoes once I can try them on properly.

I guess 28 total miles isn't bad, but it is a long way from 40 in 2 days.