Yesterday I went for another 13 miles, from my home to Woodside road. I walked alone since most of the 3-Dayers I had hoped to join did the route I did on Saturday and as much as I loved Hell Hill, I couldn't fathum repeating it again.

Gary met me and had lunch to celebrate and then gave me a much needed ride home. I am very grateful for how supportive he has been. I feel like I have my own little cheering squad.

All in all this was a good weekend. I am proud of myself for getting out both days and walking. The biggest lesson learned was which blister bandages work for me. I really like NuSkin, Blister Blocker just doesn't stick to my feet, maybe cause they are too sweaty :) I also really liked my new dryweave clothes, light and airy and dried instantly.

I am so looking forward to doing this in July!!