I did my second 20 miler today!! I went on Sawyer Camp Trail, down and back up Hell Hill along the Crystal Springs Trail and back on Sawyer Camp Trail.

The best part of today was the company. I recruited 2 non-walkers to go with me. Carissa walked about 9 miles with us until she had to turn around (she was walking to the clock). She was a great walking buddy and could have done the whole 20 miles without any problems. We got to gossip and really catch up on things.

Gary took on the challenge and found a new respect for what my mom and I are doing. He went the distance and was quite the trooper, without uttering a single complaint!! Toward the end he looked like Hop Along Cassidy. Poor guy suffered from several blisters and sore muscles afterwards.

This evening Gary and I relaxed in his jacuzzi, and had a few glasses of wine to work the kinks out. This was much needed to get me energized for tomorrow's walk.