Today my mom and I did our first City hike together. It was wonderful. We started at Fort Funston, walked up Ocean Beach, and stopped at the Tulip Garden/Windmill in Golden Gate Park for a snack and pictures. We then went by the Cliff House, through Lands End, by the multi-million dollar homes in Sea Cliff and had lunch at Bakers Beach.

On our return, we passed a group of women hikers who were having a gourmet picnic lunch (complete with table linens, flowers and a server) under the trees just near Bakers Beach. They were celebrating a 60th birthday. What a neat idea!!

Today's hike was our longest yet 15 miles. I wore old shoes and so have a few blisters. After our walk we went to Runner's High in Menlo Park and got new shoes (a 1/2 size larger) with lots of room in the toes and great arch and ankle support.